Renewing a License

The policy directive for renewing a license or updating information in a current license are written in the Ministry of Health’s Procedure 106 Guidelines.

A license renewal request must be submitted to the “manager” by the specialist doctor in the field of the patient’s illness who was responsible for the medical follow-up treatment in the original license. The request for renewal will be subject to the conditions of Article 2.1 with the appropriate adjustments.

The request needs to be submitted at least 20 working days before the expiration of the current license, accompanied by a follow-up report from the treating physician which explains the need for continuing the treatment, as well as a description of the efficacy of the treatment for the period of the license.

Requests to change information in a license that aren’t significant to the course of treatment, such as updating a patient’s address, treating physician, delivery method, etc. can be submitted in writing by mail.

The new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health require patients to attach the original license for the following requests:

1. Changing suppliers

2. Changing Patient Details (Address, Name, Telephone Number, etc.)

3. Adding a guardian or proxy.