Cannabidiol - CBD

CBD is the second main cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, it is a non-psychoactive compound, and in some studies it was tested as anti-psychotic treatment.

Many medicinal properties are attributed to THC, cannabis and other cannabinoid; in fact, they originate from the properties of the CBD.

Tikun Olam has unique cannabis varieties, including strains that have naturally high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. These strains help form the basis of many of the products produced especially for pediatric patients.

Cannabidiol anti-inflammatory properties help suppress inflammation in the body and act as a preventive factor in dealing with inflammation. Research has shown that CBD supports the body in discontinuing production of the chemical which causes inflammation.

In addition, cannabidiol has anti spasticity properties, it helps inhibit muscle contractions and spasms, and reducing their frequency.

An Israeli study discovered that CBD greatly enhances the healing process of bone fractures and moreover, strengthen them (The research was conducted by Dr. Winkle Gebet Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, as a continuation of the deceased Prof. Itai Bab from Bone Laboratory of the Hebrew University).

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