Pediatric Patients

One of the most important populations that Tikun Olam treats are children that are unfortunately dealing with various health conditions. Tikun Olam has always been committed to making medical Cannabis accessible to vulnerable populations that can benefit from the relief medical cannabis can provide. In Israel today, there are hundreds of children that are receiving medical cannabis treatment to help them in their fight with Cancer, to mitigate some of the most difficult side effects of chemotherapy, and to relieve symptoms associated with various metabolic and neurological diseases, such as epilepsy and autism.

Tikun Olam’s commitment to children has guided the company to producing unique cannabis products created with care for our youngest patients including specialized cannabis oils, cannabis capsules, and cannabis edibles and other products that help make cannabis relief accessible to children fighting diseases and conditions.

The company partners with researchers, doctors, nurses, institutions and organizations to promote and conduct medical research on cannabis for children. Many of Israelis leading hospitals and researchers have chosen Tikun Olam’s unique cannabis varieties for their research and for their treatment options and our activities in these sectors are continuously expanding.

Tikun Olam has unique cannabis varieties, including strains that have naturally high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. These strains help form the basis of many of the products produced especially for children.

Tikun Olam is honored and proud to treat over 800 pediatric patients with thrilling results promoting a significant positive change for these brave inspiring families. 

The world's first test group of cannabis treatment for pediatric patients from the Autism spectrum disorders, is treated by Tikun Olam. The results are exciting and soon we'll begin a clinical study on this subject.

For information about the research studies we’re associated with that are expanding the treatment options for children, please click here.


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