Transferring to Tikun Olam From a Different Supplier

Patients that were issued their license by an Oncology department at a hospital may request to transfer to Tikun Olam directly from their Oncologist. All other patients are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health. The guidelines for requesting a transfer are as follows:

Requests to change medical cannabis suppliers will be granted only if the request was made at least six months after the start of treatment with the initial supplier or upon license renewal.

Request Form to Transfer to Tikun Olam (click to download)

The transfer can be completed in two ways

·         Upon the renewal of the license:

   During your visit with your specialist doctor for the license renewal, request that the doctor write in Tikun Olam under the supplier name and also attach a letter of explanation that includes the patient’s signature and the date.  Both documents need to be faxed to the Ministry of Health at +972 2 647 4810. After sending the fax, please confirm it was received by calling +972 8 626 8000. The Ministry of Health advises that all requests, including a change of supplier, can take up to 45 working days.

·         On a Rolling Basis:

   You’ll be required to submit the following documents to the Ministry of Health:

  1. The original license for medical cannabis

  2. A letter of explanation stating the reason for the request that includes the patient’s signature and the date.

   Submit these documents to our offices by certified mail or in person.

Address: Tikun Olam, 2 Brandeis Street, Tel Aviv.

Open by appointment Sunday through Thursday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

   Important – We recommend providing Tikun Olam with the original license immediately following your final purchase with your current supplier because the transfer request may take up to 30 working days during which medical cannabis cannot be purchased without the original license. We also recommend maintaining a photocopy of your license during the interim period.


Why Transfer to Tikun Olam?

Tikun Olam is the first, largest and foremost supplier of medical Cannabis in Israel and the flag bearer for the medical use of Cannabis in Israel.

Since the day of its founding the company has stood for dedicated quality care for its patients while developing professional standards for growing medical grade Cannabis.

The company’s founding vision continues to drive us to work hard to provide patients with unparalleled treatment alternatives through the development of industry-leading professional standards for growing and treating patients with the highest quality medical grade cannabis available. Tikun Olam consistently sets the benchmark for the medical cannabis industry in Israel and throughout the globe.

Request Form to Transfer to Tikun Olam (click to download)

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