Research and Data Collection

Our Medical Staff at Tikun Olam’s  guidance center are constantly following up  on our patients treatment starting from the initial guidance to biannual patient treatment follow-up: Our medical practitioners collect data on daily average consumption, changes in pain indexes, patients overall wellbeing, side effects as well as other important information on the effects of cannabis for their particular's some of what we dug up:

2,358 patients answered the patient guidance questionnaire.
2,041 answered the patient follow up questionnaire.
Average Daily Cannabis Consumption: 1.4 Grams
Most Popular form of consumption: Smoke
95.5% feel the treatment has helped them cope with their condition.
Based on long-term Patient follow up of 435 patients, daily consumption of conventional medication was approx. 2.8 pills daily before treatment with cannabis and down to 0.7 after beginning treatment with cannabis.
Patients suffering form chronic pain reported a drop from 6.1 to 5.5 on the chronic pain index score.
Almost all of our patients reported improved overall feelings of well being, sleep & improved appetite.
Less than 3% of our patients complained of side effects.
Since 2007, Tikun Olam has provided the highest grade medical cannabis to our patients, Throughout the years, the  company has invested time, resources & manpower in groundbreaking medical research, case studies, quality assurance & patient feedback to ensure and maintain the highest possible Quality Medical Cannabis.
Below are a few findings and conclusions from our completed medical studies. Tikun Olam is constantly working together with Israel’s Top doctor’s and scientist’s to further the research of medical Cannabis in exploring the Benefits of this truly amazing plant.
Post Treatment
Now this is the amazing part, the number of patients taking no medication per day rose from 428 to a staggering 1,095.571 patients were now taking 1 pill a day,226 patients- 2 pills  daily,
90 patients-3 pills daily,28 patients-4 pills daily,14 patients 5 pills daily,
11 patients-6 pills daily with 6 patients taking7 pills daily. Surprisingly,
The were no more patients taking more than 7 pills daily after beginning treatment with medical cannabis supplied by tikun olam. 
What about their overall wellbeing ?
Tikun Olam collected data from over 2,041 patients of which 1,950 of them reported that treatment with medical cannabis helped their condition,1,399 reported that cannabis helped them tremendously. 370 stated that medical cannabis helped abit.36 patients reported no benefit from medical cannabis. 4 patient claimed that cannabis worsened their condition, 2 of which reported slight deterioration 1patient reported severe decline in condition
Who Benefited the most from Medical Cannabis?
1,845 patients reported that Tikun Olam’s Strains helped them greatly manage their pain.1342 reported better sleep,1122 patients felt much happier overall.1,012 patients enjoyed healthier appetites,342 patients  had less nausea,345 patients reported better digestion and 310 stated that they experienced a regression in involuntary movements.